Personal Goals

Mike Jingozian Gozian

Here’s a little about myself. If we work together, then you might want to know how I look at the world. Please share with me your suggestions and advice, as well as your own personal goals. I’d love to hear your comments.

Personal Mission Statement

Basically, I just want people to be happy, find peace and live a life of freedom. Sometimes it seems that people just accept things the way they are… but since when is freedom is not worth fighting for? Here are the priorities that I try to incorporate into my everyday life.

  1. Do what I can to help others to achieve their own goals and dreams.
  2. Help create a more sustainable world for our children.
  3. Always be learning on how to be a better person and leader.

Like most people, I try to practice what I preach. I do what I can to promote freedom of self-expression for everyone and this is carried-forward in my management philosophy and efforts to change our political system.

3 Things to do Each Day

I tell my kids that there are 3 things that they should do each day:

1.   Learn something new

2.   Have some fun

3.   Kick some ass

This last task doesn't necessarily mean to literally “kick someone's ass” … although it certainly could since we can all use a good kick in the butt from time to time! But here, it means accomplishing a big task, breaking barriers, fighting authority or fighting for positive change.

The Economy & Our Environment

Small businesses are vital to our economy and environment. They are critical for achieving sustainability and for maintaining a decent quality of life for future generations. Please help protect our world by recycling, reusing, repairing and supporting local companies whenever possible.

Thanks & Gratitude

Please let us know if you ever have a chance to visit Portland, Oregon. I’d love to sit down with you and talk about anything on your mind. Portland has the most microbrews per capita than any city in the US. So, the first beer is on me!

I want to thank you for taking the time to learn about us and please tell your friends about us too. We’ll stuff huge buckets full of karma and launch them your way.

Links to Other Documents

This space is used for accessing files that we want to make available to our friends.

Burning Man: PDF file

Burning Man: Word file

AngelCore: Where we are Today

AngelCore is a merger between AngelVision Technologies and Gozian Consulting. It was founded with two goals in mind. First, to provide affordable sales tools that work, and second, practicing a holistic management philosophy centered around the principles of authenticity and mindfulness… pretty much returning to how AngelVision was managed in our early days and following the business model that fueled our success in our first 10 years of business.

What’s most important is that I’m happy again. At AngelVision, I found myself spending more time running my business and less time working with clients. I missed working with marketing folks one-on-one and helping them on their messaging and advertising programs. This is what I’m good at and what I love to do most.

Holistic Approach to Management

My biggest influences are Landmark Education and Eckert Tolle. I’m also practice the law of attraction (aka manifesting) and being present (at least when I can remember what's best for me). Based on these experiences, I try not to do things the way they are usually done, but rather how they make sense to be done.

  1. We provide a rich and rewarding place to work. All issues are dealt with honestly and openly. There are no politics or hidden agendas which makes us an efficiently run and productive company.

  2. Our work environment is based on a team-matrix strategy that balances fun and accountability with determination and focus.
  3. We are not afraid to admit when we are wrong (we just never are) or show-off our sense of humor (or more accurately, lack of it!)

Major Influences

We are all better at doing some things better than others. Becoming an expert at anything is just a matter of what we focus our attention on… both consciously and unconsciously. There are two books that I require all my employees to read (although I am an audio book guy myself).

The first is “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell. It explains the ways that we make snap decisions that affect our thoughts and, therefore, behavior. It explains how these instincts effect sales and marketing, from product positioning to consumer behavior. Another good source of information about this subject, also known as neuromarketing, is a television series called, Brain Games.

Why are We Good at Anything?

The other book is “Outliers”, also by Gladwell. It explains how we’re not inherently good or bad at doing anything. I’ve learned (the hard way) that becoming good at anything can be done by following these steps.

  1. Be willing to put your ego aside. To become a better person, you need to be willing to accept the fact that you are wrong… about everything. Life is a constant learning process. Of course, I knew everything when I was 12, but I’ve become more clueless over the years.
  2. Focus on the details on what you are doing and what you're paying attention to.
  3. Understand your behavior, choices and unconscious instincts so you can recognize the root causes of our thoughts and behaviors and how we can change it.

These books make excellent topics for group discussions and team building exercises. We have developed study questions based on these books to help get the conversation started. Please contact me if you’d like a copy of these study questions.

Sustainability & Political Change

I became concerned about maintaining our way of life just about the same time that I had my first child 18 years ago. I am strongly opposed to the two-party system and the politicians who are more concerned with winning reelection than doing what’s right for our nation and planet.

Fighting for Voter Choice

I am a passionate supported of all independent candidates and political parties that support breaking-down our corrupt and destructive 2-party system. I have worked with the Green Party and Libertarian Party and served as vice chairman of the Libertarian National Committee from 2008 to 2010.

I served on the board of directors for organizations that are dedicated to freedom and independent thought. These included, Rock the Debates and Free and Equal, a non-partisan, nonprofit public policy advocacy group committed to election reform and protecting ballot-access laws in the US.

Reset America

In 2006, I founded RESET America. It is an organization with a plan to change the nation’s current policies and trajectory. We believe that our government must be “reset” by replacing our existing two-party system by offering voters greater choices and viable alternatives. Our goal is to show people that there are valid solutions to many of our worst problems - but these solutions are running out of time and not in the interest of those who protect the status quo.

Video: "Kiss Freedom Goodbye"

In 2008, RESET America produced a critically acclaimed online movie entitled, Kiss Ballot Access Goodbye. It was meant to expose the many ways that the Democrats and Republicans use ballot access laws to retain their grip on political power.

The movie gained international recognition and was honored with the following awards for best short political video:

  1. Telly Award for best internet commercial for political issues
  2. W3 Award for best viral marketing video for activism
  3. Marcom Award for best political web video
  4. Ava Award for best new media political video

2008 Presidential Campaign

Michael Gozian
Mike Gozian

In 2008, I ran for president as an independent candidate. During the early stages of the campaign, I was the leading independent candidate for president, but I failed to secure the Libertarian nomination.

The media was more supportive than I had anticipated. You can read articles and see television appearences about my campaign and other political activities at the Reset America Facebook page here: Reset America.

I welcome all ideas and thoughts regarding empowerment, sustainability, and responsible government.

Mike Gozian

CEO & Founder

AngelCore, LLC.